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Air heaters

If earlier people needed two devices to keep it warm and cool, now they only need one – an air heater. This is a product that has a heating element, the heat of which is moved by a fan across the area of ​​the room, which is useful on cold evenings. The preferred degree of heating is set using a knob that adjusts the power. If it is hot summer outside, then you can turn off the heating element and turn on a simple fan that will save you from the heat. The advantage of this device is its compactness, it can be carried in a regular-sized bag and can be easily carried from one room to another.

Types of air heaters

Devices differ in power in the range of 1000-2000 watts. Each heater has individual modes, and the more modes, the easier it will be to adjust the optimal temperature to your liking. The new models come with timers and remotes, so you can not approach them every time, but set them up remotely.

They also differ in the type of heating element:

  1. Tubular electric heater – heats rooms with a large area, because it has a high performance.
  2. Nichrome spiral – the cheapest models are equipped with just such an element. The metal coil will heat up more than other types of elements.
  3. Ceramic plate – considered the safest heater because it does not burn oxygen and is famous for its long service life.

All types of air heaters are popular, as they generate heat very quickly, so the room will not be so cold in a few minutes.

Scope of application

There are a great many places in which air heaters are required. Uniform air circulation is required everywhere to maintain the same temperature. Such heaters are used for drying objects and for the comfort of people. Therefore, they are often installed:

  1. In laundries;
  2. In storage facilities;
  3. In agricultural pantries;
  4. On construction sites;
  5. In exhibition premises;
  6. In places where comfortable temperature maintenance is required for the visitors of the establishment.

The demand for this device is explained by the fact that it is optimal in price and easy to install and use.

Home air heaters are bought to reduce heating costs, since the devices operate mainly with electricity. It is also convenient to take them with you to other rooms, or even to another house. With a large number of people in the room, the warmth will reach everyone if this equipment is turned on. Its power and ease of installation make this product popular in the heater market, and it can last for many years if you follow the rules of operation.

Benefit from shopping in our store

Air heaters in our section are presented in different price categories, differ in work power and design. Here you can find one that will be convenient to use only for you or for the whole family.

The warranty, after purchasing the goods in our section, will provide the opportunity to use the repair services from our company within a year from the date of purchase. If a manufacturing defect is found, we provide the opportunity to return the device within 14 days from the date of purchase. The characteristics of the heaters can be read by clicking on the photo of a particular model. If you have any questions about the products in this section, there is an opportunity to discuss them with a technical support specialist.