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Air humidifiers

The main function of the device is to provide the required level of humidity, that is, due to natural evaporation, maintain the microclimate in the room. High demand for humidifiers most often arises with the beginning of the heating season.

There are 3 types of humidifiers. According to the characteristics, you can choose the most suitable product.


This humidifier humidifies the air by blowing it through the cassette. The whole process consists of natural evaporation. The equipment is quite economical in energy consumption and consumes a maximum of 60 watts. Purification takes place due to the settling of dust particles. One of the disadvantages of the device is the maintenance of the required volume of water, as well as low productivity. The main plus is that over time, there is an automatic maintenance of moisture.


This device humidifies the air by creating cold steam, which consists of small molecules. Thanks to a special membrane operating at a high frequency, water is crushed. Ultrasonic humidifiers consume no more than 50 watts.

For this type, it is better to use non-tap water, otherwise salt deposits will form. Many models have cleaning filters.

When choosing an ultrasonic humidifier, it is better to consider a multifunctional humidifier, where there is a humidity sensor, so that this process is under control.


The steam humidifier works by spraying warm steam. In this case, water is supplied to a container, where the process of heating and evaporation takes place. Here, the power consumption will be several times higher than that of other types.

What to look for?

  • When choosing any type of humidifier, you must pay attention to what area it is designed for. The required amount of liquid will depend on the volume of the area. The larger the room, the higher the consumption.
  • One of the important criteria is the noise level. The most comfortable value is considered to be 25-30 dB. Do not forget that all humidifiers gurgle when a certain amount of water is taken and an alarm is triggered when the water runs out. For many people, this will not be comfortable.
  • Availability of hygrometer and gyrostat. They allow you to control the humidity in the room. For everyday life, it is important to understand at which value you are more comfortable.
  • Ability to control the device. The control can be carried out thanks to the built-in panel or remotely. It all depends on the model and its functions. This factor also affects which price category the device will be assigned to.
  • Availability of quality control indicators.
  • Construction of the humidifier. How convenient is the device in care, water change and cleaning.
  • Water quality. Most appliances are sensitive, for them the water from the mains will be hard. In this case, the models are equipped with cleaning filters.
  • Aromatization. The ability to use essential oils.
  • Ionization.
  • Airflow adjustment.
  • Availability and combination with other filters, e.g. air filter.

This equipment is easy to use, but it has its own nuances. The main thing is to answer three questions for yourself: what kind of steam do you want to receive (cold or hot), how much water is enough for you, what kind of control is needed in the humidifier. By answering these questions, you can easily find the right device.

Those who prefer to keep up with the times, use modern technologies and automate processes are given the opportunity to combine the device with a smart home, which will help to establish the whole process and make life easier. Each model is equipped with the necessary features to make life convenient and comfortable.