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Portable air conditioners

Our online store offers customers a wide selection of portable air conditioners of various designs. Based on the problem that needs to be solved, you can choose the right option.

What characteristics you need to pay attention to

The following aspects are important:

  • For what footage of the room the equipment is needed. The power level will depend on the footage.
  • Class of energy consumption of energy.
  • Noise level. No one wants to hear noise, even if the room is cooled.
  • Functionality. Availability of possible modes. Models that have at least 3 modes are more efficient.
  • Mobility of the device.
  • Protective grilles to help keep children safe.
  • Availability of an air filter.
  • Remote controller.

More about criteria

  1. The footage of the room is one of the main criteria to which you should pay attention. Each air conditioner is suitable for a certain area, based on its characteristics.
  2. For a comfortable stay in the room, one of the optimal noise levels is 25-30 dB. Most air conditioners have a noise level of less than 64 dB.
  3. The functionality of the equipment will help to save on energy saving.

Especially effective are devices that have a triple mode – cooling, ventilation and dehumidification, which is optimal in hot weather. The temperature can be adjusted between 17 and 35 °. The automatic shutdown system at the reached temperature will help to save on time and energy consumption. As soon as the temperature starts to rise in the room, the device will resume its work. The two-stage air direction control will help to distribute the air flow evenly.

  1. The on / off timer and condensate recirculation function help to efficiently use the cooling system.
  2. The dehumidification mode allows the condensate to be reused for cooling. As a result, there is no residual water. At high humidity, condensation will collect in the tank. Most air conditioners need to drain the tank yourself; some units have drain hoses.
  3. Thanks to the air filter, the equipment will clean the air from dust, fluff and wool. Easy to remove and clean by hand.
  4. An important component of a portable air conditioner is its portability. The presence of wheels and an adjustable handle will help you quickly move the air conditioner to other rooms in the room.
  5. One of the problems that most often appears when using it is the presence of a draft. In order to solve this issue, it is necessary to be able to control the position of the horizontal and vertical edges.
  6. The use of environmentally friendly natural-based refrigerant helps to protect nature. Natural refrigerants have no ozone-depleting potential, which hinders climate change.
  7. The console is one of the most effective equipment management solutions. Some remotes are equipped with an infrared remote control. This function automatically adjusts the cooling capacity of the equipment.

Portable air conditioners are suitable for use in apartments, offices, commercial premises, beauty salons and shops. They are easy to use and transportable. When installing them, you do not need to additionally mount the walls. In the online store, you can choose equipment of various designs, for a certain area of  room and with the necessary functions.