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Water air coolers

Water coolers are one of the alternatives for air conditioners. In design, they are outwardly similar to portable air conditioners, but in their characteristics they have little in common. Chillers know how to manage stuffy and hot air using natural evaporation.

How it works

Outwardly, we see in front of us just a block with side or central ribs, where there is a reservoir with water. There is a fan with a small mesh inside the unit. The fan directs its flows onto the wetted grate. The air passes through the cells of the moistened mesh, thus not only cooling, but also moistening. At the same time, the device maintains the humidity level in a dry room and protects a person from drying out the skin and mucous membranes. It turns out that the air, passing through the cooling, seems to be washed, overcoming a large number of humidified cells. As a result, dust and other impurities that are in the room settle on the panel, and then enter the water tank. Thanks to this process, purification takes place.

Main advantages

  • Energy saving. The level of energy consumption is several times lower than that of air conditioners. Their power is not more than 150 watts.
  • Low price, which depends on functionality. The more functionality, the more expensive it will be. We do not forget, of course, about the quality.
  • Water reservoir of different volumes. The devices are not demanding on the quality of the liquid – it is possible to use ordinary tap water for operation.
  • Fast installation and easy to operate. No need to call an installation wizard or buy additional equipment.
  • Transportability.
  • Environmental friendliness of the equipment. Water chillers use only water, no refrigerant. As a result, the air is not only cooled, but also humidified, and a purification process takes place.
  • Low noise level.
  • Simple design will provide reliability and durability. The speed control allows you to individually select the mode according to your needs.

How to choose a water cooler?

  1. First of all, understand how much power is needed. To do this, you need to know the footage of the room. For each device, the power is indicated in the instructions.
  2. Determine what functional abilities we need. What will be the priority. Perhaps, in addition to cooling, air purification or ionization will be needed. Or it is important to have a timer and remote control of equipment.