Fresh valve

Fresh air valve are devices that supply air from the street to an apartment, pre-cleaning it from dust, wool, unpleasant odors, allergens and other pollutants.

To install the device, you need to drill a wall with a certain diameter, insulate and insert the device itself. When installing plastic windows, it is necessary to ventilate the premises every day, since air exchange in the room is disrupted, which increases humidity, deteriorates air quality, and mold appears. Not everyone wants to ventilate the room several times a day, letting in dust and unpleasant odors, especially allergy sufferers. And if you leave home, leaving a window open can bring a lot of negative consequences. Fresh air valve save you this trouble by filtering, heating and supplying fresh air from the street.

Fresh air valve types

Many types of this device have been released, the devices have an established set of functions and replaceable filters that protect a person from what he does not like most. For example, allergy sufferers who sometimes do not want to inhale pollen in the spring. For this, a special filter has been created that blocks this allergen. But most may like the smell of flowers, such people may not purchase this filter, but limit themselves to what they really need. This allows them to pay for what they really need and not buy a breather with a ton of useless built-in features.

A standard set of filters will protect against:

  1. Unpleasant odors;
  2. Small particles;
  3. Dust;
  4. Wool;
  5. Carbon dioxide.

The rest of the filters are purchased at your own discretion.

Breathers differ not only in filters, but also in functionality. There are devices that simply supply purified fresh air from the street, and there are models that purify the air not only from the street, but also in the room itself. Also, do not worry that the air will be cold in winter or that the breather will freeze, there are heaters in the device that do not burn oxygen and work down to -40 ° C.

For convenience, the filters are changed once a year, except for the coarse filter, which is designed for large debris, in the form of dust lumps, bird feathers, etc., it must be cleaned every few months.

Scope of application

The breather is installed only in residential buildings and apartments, in offices, in small rooms. This device is not suitable for work in large enterprises. It should also be noted that the product is designed for only one room, so if you open the doors to another, the breather will not clear the air in it. This requires separate devices, individually for each room.

You should not use slot ventilation instead of these devices, that is, just open the window and wait for a good result. The effect will be disastrous – dirty air and noise from the street. Unlike valves and slots, breathers provide high-quality filtration. In addition, the device heats up, which creates a pleasant warm airflow through it.

Benefit from shopping in our store

Models of different price categories are available, they have different functions and designs. Each of them with a guarantee – exactly one year, during which there is an opportunity to apply for repairs. If a problem is found, it will be possible to return the goods within two weeks. If you have any questions, you can contact technical support at any time of the day. Buy breathers from us if you want great service and great quality.