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Air purifiers

An air purifier is essential for keeping indoor air clean. A properly sized machine will help you cope with dust, wool particles and toxic fumes.

How the purifier works

The whole point of an air cleaner is to use different filters. Some purifiers that have a photocatalytic filter can oxidize and degrade substances to a harmless molecular state. The design of the air purifier will depend on the nature of the contamination. In general, it looks like this: a block of a certain size and configuration, there is a fan inside and a combination of various filters that cleanse contamination of different levels.

More about filters

There are several types of filters:

  • Mechanical, intended for preliminary cleaning. Its purpose is to remove large particles of dust and wool.
  • Ionizing, used to remove dust and soot, combining with others in one system. Its principle of operation is to attract differently charged particles.
  • Water, more often used in climatic systems. No replacement filter required.
  • Coal, used to absorb gas molecules.
  • The Hepa filter is designed for mechanical cleaning. They are used in 80% of medical institutions, beauty salons, as well as in industrial and domestic premises. It traps particles from 0.3 microns in the air up to almost 100%, including allergenic ones.
  • Photocatalytic, today it is one of the new developments for air purification. The bottom line is the ability to decompose and oxidize toxic impurities, thanks to ultraviolet radiation.

How to choose?

When buying an air cleaner, you need to pay attention to:

  1. Cleaning level. It is important to understand how high-quality the cleansing should be. What is the purpose of the purification, in which part of the room the air purifier will be located and whether it is suitable for a similar field of activity. It is necessary to understand what the air cleaner is effective against.
  2. The footage of the room. This will determine what kind of equipment performance is needed. The calculation of productivity is in m3 / hour.
  3. Noise level. The device works continuously as long as there is a person in the room. The larger and wider the filter, the lower the noise level. Many devices have several modes of operation.
  4. Whether multi-stage cleaning is used and whether it is possible to eliminate the odor, as well as what filters are used in the system. The level of cleaning will depend on all this.
  5. How much energy is consumed. An important factor because the air cleaner is on 24 hours a day.
  6. Simple and affordable filter change.
  7. Mobility and compactness of equipment.
  8. What is the degree of the fan and the amount of cleaning.
  9. Quality control of cleaning. The gauges will show all data.

It is worth remembering that sleep and well-being depend on the level of air purity. Air purifiers are used both in industrial premises and for domestic use. You can always choose the best option, focusing on the basic characteristics of the device and based on individual needs. We offer devices with a different set of functional characteristics, as well as models of different designs, among which you can find a suitable option, both for a production room or office, and for a children’s room, living room or rest room.