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Whether white or black: the convenient 4-in-1 air coolers provide for cooling, ventilation, humidification and air purification

Two design air coolers with full comfort equipment

It’s your choice: matching your interior design, will you opt for the elegant, black model or for the classic white variant? Either way, with the technically and structurally identical models you’ll benefit from pleasant air cooling, reviving air freshening, agreeable humidification as well as effective air purification according to the principle of ionization.

Perfect for your home or in the office

When a room heats up during the summer and the air gets stuffy and stagnant, the two air cooler models PAE 49 and PAE 50 can provide relief making use of the natural principle of evaporation. With their large 20-litre water tank, an impressive air performance of 750 m³ per hour and a high evaporation performance of 2 litres per hour they emit a fresh and cooling airflow for up to 10 hours without the necessity of refilling water. Additionally, both devices come with four fan stages, also producing soothing refreshment when used as a fan, even without the cooling function being active.

With swing function, remote control and many other comfort features

Activating the automatic swing function ensures an even air distribution: the internal vertical fins constantly swing back and forth. The external horizontal fins on the other hand can be manually adjusted as desired to discharge the air current towards the front, top or bottom.

Moreover, the two 4-in-1 devices convince with comfort features such as the timer function, natural wind mode, scented oil diffusor and ionizer for air purification. You can also adjust all functions conveniently via remote control from the place where you’re sitting. In order to ensure that you can benefit from your new air cooler throughout the year, in autumn and winter the PAE 49 and PAE 50 serve as reliable humidifiers to conquer dry heated air.

Excellent design

The two PAE air coolers also score where their look is concerned: the elegant housing design of the two air coolers is a winner of the renowned “Red Dot Design Award” and the “IF Design Award”. The two design devices blend in perfectly with pleasantly bright or cool-black living spaces or office furniture.

In order to ensure that you can always enjoy the refreshment wherever you need it, the air coolers can be easily moved from one location to the next by means of the recessed handles on the side and the smooth-running transport wheels with fitted parking brakes. To ensure optimum fixing on slightly slanting surfaces, feet are additionally included in the scope of delivery.


Convenience is a major priority

Irrespective of whether you wish to enjoy air cooling, ventilation, humidification or air purification – the two design air coolers PAE 49 and PAE 50 not only offer you impressive performance values, but also the following practical comfort functions:

Air purification via ionization and air filter

Beneficial for allergy sufferers: when the ionization function is connected the device emits ions into the blown-out air current, which are completely harmless to health. By means of the ions released, pollen, viruses, dust, bacteria and odours in the air are reduced. The air pollutants and floating particles attach to the electrically charged ions and in this way are bound. In addition, the air filter integrated on the rear extracts annoying lint, animal hair and pieces of fluff from the room air. The fine nylon mesh filter can be easily removed and cleaned by just wiping or rinsing it.

Timer function

Using the practical 8-hour timer you can easily schedule the switch-on and switch-off times of your device. For instance, to ensure that you won’t forget to switch off the air cooler in the office in the evening, just set the desired runtime in advance. On the other hand it is also very pleasant to come into the kitchen or living room in the morning with the air cooler already active.

Night mode for a refreshing sleep

To ensure that you can go to sleep relaxed with pleasant cooling, ventilation or room air humidification, the fan speed is gradually reduced after some time. Perfect to ensure a good night’s sleep in warm summer nights or in winter with heated air that is too dry.

Natural wind mode

In the “Air freshening” operating mode the fan speed is automatically regulated alternately to a stronger and weaker level. In this way a pleasantly soft air current is generated in the room, resembling a natural sea breeze.

Enjoy your favourite scent 

Whether you want to create relaxation or stimulation – just drip some scented oil into the subtle diffusor reservoir and suspend it on the fixing at the air outlet. The aroma spreads evenly in the room and you can fully enjoy relaxing moments with your personal feel-good scent


Naturally effective cooling principle with honeycomb filter

In contrast to air conditioners, air coolers do not use any chemical cooling agents. The cooling effect is generated in a natural manner. Moreover, neither an exhaust air hose nor any elaborate installations are required.

A mobile air cooler works on the principle of natural evaporation cooling. As you probably know from your own experience, blowing on moist skin creates an instant feeling of refreshment as the evaporation process withdraws warmth. Air coolers work in the same way: in the interior of the air cooler there is a water-soaked honeycomb filter using honeycomb technology. The warm air is directed from the rear of the device through the wet filter and in passing cooled down due to the evaporation effect. The now colder air is then blown back into the room by the fan.

Tip for refreshment: The colder the water, the greater the cooling capacity. Placing the four ice packs included in the scope of delivery into the water tank will further increase the cooling capacity. This additional boost of freshness can also be achieved with ice cubes.

The clearly visible filling level indicator shows you at a glance whether the large 20-litre tank still contains enough water. When the water tank is empty the device switches off automatically and a signal LED blinks. If you do not want to fill the tank manually, it can also be conveniently connected to a tap using the hose supplied in the scope of delivery.

Can be operated all year round – air cooler in the summer, humidifier in the winter

Using the PAE 49 or the PAE 50 you can rejoice at the produced feel-good climate all year. We recommend using the slim air cooler in space-saving design throughout the year rather than parking it in a storeroom when the summer ends. In the spring and late summer its 4 fan stages can provide a fresh breeze so that you can enjoy the cooling effect of the cold evaporation.

In autumn and winter the two devices can be furthermore ideally used as effective humidifiers to create a more pleasant room climate. Since dry heated air can irritate the respiratory tract, dry out the skin and cause red eyes. By using a humidifier you provide for a sufficient humidity level and in this way improve your own well-being in sticky, overheated rooms as well as prevent colds.

Whether you choose the white or black housing variant – with the PAE 49 and PAE 50 you’ll benefit from pleasant air coolingventilation, air purification and humidification during all seasons of the year.

The white PAE 49 and the black PAE 50 offer an impressive evaporation performance of 2 litres per hour, a 20-litre water tank, an air volume of up to 750 m³/h, 4 fan stages as well as 4 ice packs. The stylish housing is a Design-Award winner.

Innovative honeycomb technology: Due to its open structure, a completely wet honeycomb filter comes with particularly favourable evaporation properties for the natural cooling of the air passing through.

4-in-1: air cooling, ventilation, ionization, humidification The sucked-in air is cleaned by the integrated air filter and ionizer and then humidified and cooled by means of the evaporation filter.

The air coolers PAE 49 and PAE 50 offer a wide range of comfort functions: air cooling, humidification, 4 fan stages, natural wind mode, swing function, night mode, timer, ionization. The settings can be carried out either on the clearly arranged control panel or also comfortably using the remote control.

The large-capacity 20-litre water tank suffices for up to 10 hours of cooling or humidification. The cooling capacity can be additionally increased using ice cubes or the 4 supplied ice packs. The water filling level indication shows you at a glance how much water is left inside the air cooler. Furthermore the tank can also be directly connected to a water line by using the hose included in the scope of delivery.

By means of the horizontal fins, the discharge direction can be manually adjusted to point upwards, straight ahead or downwards. When the swing function is activated, the vertical fins on the inside swing from left to right automatically and spread the air evenly in the room.

Revel in your favourite individual fragrance, relaxing or invigorating. The two air coolers PAE 49 and PAE 50 are provided with a scented oil diffusor that can be attached optionally at the air outlet for room air aromatization.

With the integrated rollers at the bottom of the housing the device can be repositioned quickly and easily. The supplied feet on the other hand permit a firm and stable positioning – even on slightly inclined floors.


The two air coolers leave an excellent expression everywhere

  • If things are getting hot in the office, the evaporation air cooler PAE 50 and PAE 49 help create a natural, pleasant working climate.
  • With their elegant design in black or white, the sleek air coolers blend in perfectly in a space-saving fashion with any interior design.
  • On hot days the air cooler PAE 50 and PAE 49 are a very uncomplicated cooling solution. Simply set your refreshment dispensers up where you feel the need for a cooling breeze.

A few practical benefits:

  • 4-in-1 evaporation air cooler: air cooling, ventilation, air freshening, humidification
  • Natural air cooling by evaporative chill with honeycomb technology
  • Possibility to operate with four included freezer packs or ice cubes to increase the cooling capacity
  • High evaporation performance of 2 litres per hour
  • Large 20-litre water tank for long-term operations
  • Adjustable discharge direction and automatically swivelling fins
  • Permanent water connection option
  • Air cleaning thanks to ionizer
  • Natural wind mode
  • IR remote control
  • 4 fan stages
  • Timer function
  • Night mode
  • Integrated scented oil diffuser for an optional room air aromatization
  • Highly energy-efficient
  • Easy to transport thanks to sturdy wheels
  • The feet on the device also enable its use on slightly inclined floors
  • Suitable for year-round operation! Air cooler in the summer, humidifier in the winter
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