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2,000 watt polygon infrared radiant heater with integrated LED table lighting and remote control.

Light, warmth and well-being for outdoor areas

The geometrically shaped 2,000 watt radiant ceiling heater IR 2010 SC combines an excellent product design with a well-thought-out functionality. Designed for the uncomplicated heating of outdoor areas that are not roofed over, the matt black radiant heater with its polygon design supplies seating and standing places in outdoor catering areas, on balconies and terraces, providing for quick and agreeable infrared feel-good warmth. A three-beam LED table lighting-can be activated on demand via the remote control, to create an atmospheric ambience with warm white light. A close-meshed grid protects the heating tube from curious children’s fingers and accidental touching. Perfect conditions for a perceptibly more pleasant time outdoors and a considerable increase in sales for food and beverage businesses during the cold winter.

More profit on cold days in the sectors of gastronomy and commerce 

The 100 % rainproof radiant ceiling heater IR 2010 SC which is made of powder-coated aluminium and is provided with an IP45 protection class combines everything that professional gastronomes expect from a heating solution for outdoor catering areas. Its equally appealing and robust design, ease of use with its remote control, and the high level of efficiency of the infrared heating technology make the radiant heater the economically attractive heat source for outdoor areas of restaurants, cafés, bars, food trucks or events that are not roofed over. This way the outdoor season starts earlier and ensures a noticeable increase in turnover for longer.

All-round well-thought out heating solution for pros 

The 360° all-round heat that flows downwards by the 46 cm reflector umbrella supplies targeted heat to areas of up to 15 m². In contrast to conventional convectors, the IR 2010 SC does not heat the ambient air first, which is extremely inefficient outdoors. The infrared heat is perceived as particularly pleasant and is immediately absorbed and stored by the skin. Thanks to this operating principle, the IR 2010 SC heats noticeably more intensively and more energy-efficiently than other heating technologies – and without unpleasant odours or noises.

Especially easy installation

The wire rope system supplied allows for maximum flexibility for the installation of the lightweight 3 kg radiant heater which is mounted to the wire rope fixtures of the heating screen and the ceiling or wall holder. Wall mounting requires a distance hanger (additional wall holder) that can be purchased in the specialised trade. Additional drill holes or even expensive craftsmen will not be needed for the easy installation of the radiant heater with its 1.8 metre power cable and shockproof plug.

Complete set for easy DIY installation:
Summerlike temperatures on every day of the year

The infrared radiant ceiling heater is supplied with all attachment pieces required for quick and safe ceiling or wall mounting. Installation to the wall requires an additional wall holder (distance hangers), which is available in the specialised trade.

Power is connected via a 1.80 m power cable with a shock-proof plug (CEE 7/7) for European sockets.

The scope of delivery includes:

  • 1 x Carabiner hook with screw-type cap
  • 1 x Fastening wire rope with 3 rope ends
  • 1 x Remote control

Direct heat following the natural principle of the sun

The halogen heating tube of the IR 2010 SC generates heat according to the natural principle of the sun. This is particularly energy-efficient, since a great deal of the energy input is converted directly into heat. The infrared radiant heater does not heat the ambient air, instead it is objects and persons in the immediate surroundings that absorb and store the warmth before they again release it to the environment in the form of secondary radiation. The heat is distributed by a fan that operates noiselessly and without raising dust, thus allowing even allergy sufferers and asthmatics to breathe freely in the immediate vicinity of the radiant heater.

Summer temperatures, always and everywhere

With the radiant ceiling heater IR 2010 SC you bank on feel-good temperatures on every day of the year – even on chilly days in unsettled spring and at icy outdoor temperatures in autumn and winter. Perfectly suited for professional use in the catering trade or as a heat source for your terrace or balcony at home, so that you can enjoy the time outside at a pleasant temperature throughout the year.

The 2,000 W design radiant ceiling heater IR 2010 SC convinces with its modern polygon design and provides for comparatively cost-effective 360° all-round warmth and a warm ambient light. The infrared heat develops instantly after you have switched on the device via the on/off switch with operating control lamp. Feel-good ambience with fast heat and LED light in outdoor areas


Special equipment features of the IR 2010 SC:

  1. The design radiant ceiling heater IR 2010 SC provides targeted feel-good warmth without any start-up time – for the uncomplicated heating of tables in outdoor catering areas or for cosy moments on the balcony or your terrace at home.
  2. An LED table lighting that can be operated via remote control bathes the environment in an atmospheric glow. The clever combination of radiant heater and ceiling light makes the radiant ceiling heater IR 2010 SC an economically attractive solution for outdoor catering areas.
  3. The IR 2010 SC is supplied with an innovative wire rope system for tool-free ceiling mounting. Installation to the wall requires an additional wall holder (distance hangers), which is available in the well-assorted specialised trade.
  4. Use the handy IR remote control to conveniently control the halogen infrared radiant heater IR 2010 SC from a distance. It only takes the touch of a button to flood the illuminated area with pleasant feel-good warmth. The LED table lighting can also be switched on and off conveniently by using the remote control.
  5. The powder-coated aluminium housing of the IR 2010 SC is tested in compliance with protection type IP45 and is 100 % rainproof. Whether there’s rain, snow or hail – adverse weather conditions will not bring the radiant ceiling heater IR 2010 SC out of shape.
  6. With its clever 2-in-1 functionality, the design radiant ceiling heater IR 2010 SC is suitable for outdoor use throughout the year. On cold days, the radiant heater with its power of 2,000 watts provides you with soothing warmth. On warm summer nights, the agreeably white light of the LED table lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere.
  7. The 360° all-round warmth of the IR 2010 SC that is spread downwards specifically heats up areas up to 15 m² – without an annoying start-up time and without unpleasant odours or noises. Warmth that is immediately perceptible on the skin, with a high thermal efficiency.
  8. Agreeable to the eyes from all angles. Its elegant design housing makes the design radiant ceiling heater IR 2010 SC a genuine eye-catcher. A close-meshed grid protects the infrared heating tube from curious children’s fingers and accidental touching.
  9. There are times when you do not want to miss being outdoors. With the design radiant ceiling heater IR 2010 SC you can enjoy the pleasant time outdoors at all times of day and night – at agreeable temperatures and in the best light.
  10. The perfect partner for the catering trade: With the radiant ceiling heater IR 2010 SC, an outdoor seating place is significantly upgraded without having to make any compromise with regard to the design. Your guests will love the IR 2010 SC. Because of its modern design and of course because of the pleasant feel-good warmth which the radiant heater gives off on chilly days.


A few practical benefits:

  • Infrared heat without preheating
  • High-quality halogen infrared tube
  • Even all-round warmth for up to 15 m²
  • Heating capacity of 2,000 W
  • LED lighting
  • IR remote control as well as on/off switch with operating control lamp
  • Protection type IP45 – water-jet-proof professional device, rainproof from all directions
  • Protective grid preventing the heating tube from being touched
  • Elegant, black housing made of powder-coated aluminium
  • Just install it, connect it, and enjoy the warmth
  • Clean, condensation-free, odourless and silent
  • No dust circulation, therefore suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Energy-efficient

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